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11 - 14 SEPTEMBER 2024

Jakarta International Expo, Jakarta - Indonesia

Indonesia Energy & Engineering (IEE) Series 2023 (English)

Introduces 8 International Exhibitions to Support National Economy Growth and Promote Sustainability in the Indonesian Industry Landscape

  • IEE Series 2023 as a platform to drive national economic growth through the energy & engineering sector.
  • “Towards Industrial Sustainability”, this year’s IEE Series will focus on the implementation of sustainability values in Indonesia, specifically in the national industrial landscape.
  • Various institutions and associations collaborate in the IEE Series 2023 to achieve sustainable future within Indonesia’s industrial outlook.
  • The IEE Series 2023 showcases Indonesia’s determination and commitment in supporting economic stability, preserving human life, social welfare, and the environment.

Jakarta, August 23, 2023 – Indonesia Energy & Engineering Series 2023 (IEE Series 2023) is set to return this year as the largest industrial gathering in Southeast Asia, covering 8 major sectors, namely electricity & power (Electric & Power Indonesia), oil & gas (Oil & Gas Indonesia), mining (Mining Indonesia), construction (Construction Indonesia), concrete and building technology (Concrete Show Indonesia), water and waste management (Water Indonesia), as well as casting, foundry and metallurgy technology (GIFA Indonesia and METEC Indonesia). The IEE Series 2023 will take place on 13-16 September 2023 at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. This year’s series is also named to be the IEE Series exhibition, compared to previous years. The IEE Series will be held for 4 days on 77,000+ sqm exhibition area with 2,100+ exhibiting companies from both local and international companies, representing 36 countries/regions. The exhibition aims to attract more than 34,000 trade visitors.

PT. Pamerindo Indonesia (a part of Informa Markets Asia) as the exhibition organizer for IEE Series 2023 adopts the theme “Towards Industrial Sustainability” to emphasize the implementation of sustainability values in Indonesia, specifically across various national industrial sectors. Lia Indriasari, Event Director of Indonesia Energy & Engineering Series 2023 from Pamerindo, stated, “The significance of sustainability has grown significantly in recent years, and the industrial sector plays a crucial role in achieving the sustainable goals. ‘Sustainability’ does not only look at one side, namely the impact on the environment, but also sees how the sector can align its contribution to the national economy and also create a business climate that is in line with the sustainable concept. By promoting and bringing the light to sustainability efforts within the industrial sector, we can collectively work towards creating a better future, where businesses can thrive while minimising their impact on the environment and empowering local communities. We believe that through the collective works, the industrial sector can make a positive impact to the environment, society, and future.

Pamerindo’s combined exhibitions are offering carefully designed programmes to cater to different interests and goals. These include business matching activities and a mix of online and in-person seminars covering various engaging topics from different industries. This year’s IEE Series 2023 is unique because it includes special co-located events: GIFA Indonesia & METEC Indonesia which are jointly organised with Messe Düsseldorf Asia, thus bringing the focus to the foundry, metal processing, and metallurgy market in Indonesia.

GIFA and METEC Indonesia, part of the ‘Metallurgy & Foundry Technologies’ portfolio of the Messe Düsseldorf group, is expanding its reach through satellite events, establishing crucial marketplaces across various regions worldwide. With the spotlight on growth markets, including in Asia where the demand for industry investment and infrastructure development is substantial, the positioning and timing of GIFA and METEC Indonesia could not be more opportune.

GIFA and METEC Indonesia also come against the backdrop of the government’s work plan 2024 which aims to foster the nation’s economic resilience and enhance existing infrastructure and promote digital transformation among others. Gernot Ringling, Managing Director, Messe Düsseldorf Asia, said, “Indonesia plays a pivotal role in the Southeast Asian market and is projected to become one of the world’s seven largest economies by 2030 and to enter the top five by 2050. Given that Indonesia is one of the world’s largest producers of commodities such as nickel, tin, coal and bauxite – the foundry, casting, and metallurgy sectors play a vital role.

As Southeast Asia’s economies, including Indonesia’s, continue to advance, the demand for infrastructure, automotive components, electronics products, and manufacturing is growing substantially. This surge is expected to fuel a robust market demand for metal parts, metal processing, casting, and foundry technology.

Ringling added: “In the spirit of cooperation, as international trade fair organisers Messe Düsseldorf Asia and Informa Markets continue to champion innovation, growth, and collaboration. We remain steadfast to our commitment to the region and in fostering professional trading and networking platforms that create mutual benefits: events that fuel the growth of national industries, propels the market growth of our target markets and presents our customers with newfound business prospects. We look forward to a successful partnership and continued synergy.

Serving as a dynamic hub for interaction and networking, the IEE Series 2023 will indirectly foster connections, collaborations, and innovations that will have a positive impact on both the industrial sector’s sustainability and its values. PT. Sany Heavy Industry IndJH, a major supporting association for the Construction Indonesia & Concrete Show Indonesia exhibitions, “As we know, the Indonesian Government is focusing this year’s state budget to accelerate the completion of national infrastructure projects and promoting the growth of new economic centre, including IKN. As the sector most closely related to national’s infrastructure development and the third-largest economic source in Indonesia, our presence at IEE Series 2023, along with other sectors, can stimulate local and international industrial players to initiate trade or collaboration for stakeholders, importers, distributors, and especially decision-makers in this industry.

Working together to boost the national economy and create a sustainable industry.

Sustainability emerged as a concept alongside the term ‘Sustainable Development’, introduced at the first United Nations Conference on Environment in Stockholm in 1972 due to concerns about increasing global social and environmental issues. Today, the concept of sustainability is encapsulated in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have the global support. Through the G20 events in Bali in 2022, Indonesia reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability and continues to strive for its implementation through various collaborations, aiming to preserve human life, social welfare, economic stability, and the environment.

Several sustainability implementations are carried out in the IEE Series 2023 through its commitment to supporting carbon offset programmes, promoting the usage of reusable materials for exhibition stands, and collaborating with Ecoloop to process the exhibitions’ waste. In IEE Series 2023, exhibitors are also encouraged to express their commitment to sustainability through the “Share Your Sustainability Stories” campaign, aimed to increase visitors’ awareness of sustainability programs and their diverse positive impacts. Beyond long-term effects, the implementation of sustainability values can also provide a strong competitive advantage and enhance long-term success in each industry.

Aligned with this theme, the Water Indonesia exhibition also promotes sustainability in the industry with the theme “Towards a Sustainable Water Future in Southeast Asia”. With the massive population and industrial growth in Indonesia in recent years, the need for sustainability concepts in water and waste management needs to be taken more seriously. As part of the ASEAN Water Series, Water Indonesia serves as a platform for decision-makers and the Indonesian government to seek solutions for water and waste management issues. This is for the better future of Indonesia.

Sri Heny Purwanti, Corporate Secretary at PLN (National Electricity Company) Nusantara Power, echoes similar aspirations: “With the convergence of all stakeholders within their respective associations at IEE 2023, we have the opportunity to discuss novel policies that can be implemented across various Indonesian industries in the future. This is especially relevant for guiding the electric and power sector towards greater sustainability.” Eddie Widiono, the founder of PJCI (Prakarsa Jaringan Cerdas Indonesia – Smart Grid Indonesia Initiatives), also joins in supporting the Electric & Power Indonesia exhibition. He affirms, “Prompt recognition of the mission to achieve SDGs in Indonesia is essential. Hence, gleaning insights from every business line and industry participating in IEE Series 2023 holds paramount significance.


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