Fake Rolex Daytona 116500LN Black VS White Dial

Rolex (Rolex) began producing chronographs as early as 1955, but the replica Daytona story actually began in 1963. The numbered chronograph 62-39 was the first to be on the bezel instead of the dial. It is equipped with a Fong chronograph and features an iconic panda dial that has now been converted into a multi-million dollar premium replica watch. This is the first reference to the replica Rolex Daytona nickname, although it's just a nickname that doesn't officially appear on the dial. The name comes from Daytona fake International Speedway, a famous racetrack in Florida.

Rolex first served as the official timekeeper here in 1962. That's why it's a homage to that name and we named super clone Daytona the Rolex chronograph after 1964. Rolex changed the dial and added the now famous fake Daytona. Your position is signed under the word Cosmograd, not our position. Now almost three years have passed and in 1967 Rolex launched a new dial that is at 6 o'clock. The top of the type is curved with replica Daytona features.

Daytona's popularity today will give us all decades of status, which makes one wonder how popular this model was in the 1960s and 1970s. Many people may consider this an instant best seller. On the contrary, the AAA Rolex Daytona is trying to sell that it is actually warmer. It wasn't until Paul Newman and other celebrities wore Rolex Daytonas fake that sales rose, but it took another 21 years. We didn't see a major upgrade to the replica Rolex Daytona line of products until 1988. Rolex released the forty-three point Daytona Zenith movement, which was the first automatic Rolex Daytona made by Rolex. Now let's take a closer look at the Hyundai Daytona with Alex in 2000, the first automatic movement from Rolex.

New 4130 Movement

This is the movement we see in the current 11500 movement. One of the biggest differences between the Zenith Daytona and the new generation is that they have switched from a brush handle case to a highly polished fake watch case. After careful construction, the new 4130 movement has approximately 20% fewer parts than the Zenith movement, making maintenance easier, and its power reserve has increased from 50 hours in 2011 to 72 hours.

Plus, you can let the chronograph run all day without affecting the start. The replica watch has a fully balanced bridge with a free spring index that is shock resistant. The six position hairspring is manually adjusted for accurate timing. This watch replica is a Cos-Chronometer, but the Rolex Chronometer-certified movement is retested to ensure that it exceeds the COSC standard. It's no less than the replica Rolex dials sale standard's negative two seconds and two seconds per day. Hence the advanced stopwatch this term finally has a concrete basis. It is important to note that the knock off watch has a stop second and anti-magnetic function as an anti-magnetic niobium-zirconium coil (which Rolex calls chrome blue every hour) strikes when you breathe. 288,000 vibrations.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116519 40MM Black Dial width=500

Ceramic Bezel

Rose gold first used the Daytona ceramic bezel with the code name 116550. This was the first replica Daytona to use the ceramic bezel. The ceramic bezel was also worn on the Platinum Daytona fake in 2013. This is the 50th anniversary of the series. Ceramic The bezel gives the watch fake more dimensions and adds to the beauty of the replica watch. Compared to the steel puzzle, the black ceramic is amazing. Ceramic is scratch-resistant and like Rolex it can take 50 years to wear it for three years to introduce ceramic bezels for stainless steel models. In 2016 we picked it up today, so take a closer look at this hugely popular replica watch: replica Rolex Daytona 116500LN.


The lockable 40mm case, which can be locked at 46 poi intervals, is 5mm thick and only 12.2mm thick, is covered with sapphire crystal and is powered by the internal 4130 chronograph movement. The new model also has a ceramic bezel and a tactile mirror scale. The white dial is often referred to as a panda because the black and white sub-dial looks like a real panda's eyes. Some people say this isn't a panda ball because the sub-sphere isn't. The replica Daytona watches for sale's second hand is not entirely black and is located at 6 o'clock. The dial is also equipped with a screw button to ensure its 100 meter water resistance. The Daytona oyster bracelet has a polished central link.

Black Or White Dial

Folks, now we're going to take a closer look at these two replica watches and now we're going to talk a bit more about why I chose the white Daytona and why Alex chose the black replica Daytona, so Alex wants to let us know why. You treat me. The reason for choosing black is simple. Do you know why I chose the black Daytona? Okay, I think Alex chose fake Daytona black because you like classic clothes. You have a classic style, like to play safely and don't want to take any chances. I find it boring, right, you are in fact not wrong, yes, here you have something, yes, why is it black, yes because I prefer the look of the invisible clock, it doesn't look like a white dial and you can easy to see what i am i mean, with this suit you can definitely wear super football boots. Put it on, yes, of course I can say that it depends on you and your personal preferences

This is better for me. I like to play safely and wear boring clothes. You know things like that, but I like the black dial and bezel which is very good for me, very good. I mean the colorful personality, it makes me guess why you chose the white dial. Well, obviously you will be giving your own opinion because anyone can see it. Well, let's listen to Sarah, the kind Lacoste supports next to me. Yes, you chose it for that. It's the most colorful option of these two, and also because it's obviously the more expensive, and your taste is also very expensive, and you're a little sensitive to general exaggerations and facts, as you call me.

Oh okay, no, I'm wrong, no, you may remember correctly, I don't know what I mean is that I do what I want, the white dial speaks to me better than the black dial, I like that black dial on the dial Not ceramic, I'll paint black in my own two tones, but when you see the ceramic bezel that's already black I think the black dial has too much black in it but that's my style so white I think there are really many people he likes so niggas.

Now, if you hear why you chose our favorite replica watch, we'd love to hear your comments on which watch you picked. In fact, I have a very special relationship with the replica Rolex Daytona model. I remember this being the first. This fake watch really caught my attention. It was also the first luxury model I had. I remember 2014 when I first saw it on a wrist. The only thing I knew was the Rolex. The super clone watch is a chronograph, so I went to an authorized dealer and explained that I had seen a Rolex chronograph. I would like to see all the available replica watches and see if I can find myself in this one. The type is seen in the west and the one seen from the west. The guy told me that Rolex replica watches only has one chronograph and he was there. I noticed and felt good. Then he told me the name was super clone Daytona. I remember when I lived in Malta before. They robbed a fake Daytona white man and I explained to them that I think this model is hard to buy but that they can buy it, so it was six years ago.

All in all, we believe the workmanship of these two replica watches is excellent. This is a fine example of the evolution of the fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 124300 review. What a great masterpiece it is, we hope you enjoy this article very much. 


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